Social Studies/ HIstory 2018-2019

Social Studies 2018-2019 Learning Goals
-I understand the causes of the American Revolution
-I understand the different perspective of why someone would be a loyalist or a patriot during the American Revolution
-I understand the events leading to the creation of Upper and Lower Canada
-I understand the events that led up to the establishment for the French Colony of New France
-I understand the significance of a Canadian historical figure and how their accomplishment affected New France/British North America
-I understand the structure and social realities of New France (Inquiry Project)

Historical Figure Soliloquy Success Criteria
Historical Content:
Level 1: 
Little historical relevance
More research needed
Level 2:
Too much emphasis on person life and not enough on political life and significance to Canadian history
Level 3:
Explains the significance to Canadian history
Level 4:
Detailed explanation of significance to Canadian history
Thoroughly researched

Oral Presentation 
Level 2:
Quiet voice
Presentation not prepared
Lack of interest/enthusiasm, or eye contact
Minimal content knowledge
Additionally teacher support required to achieve success
Level 3:
Clear and loud voice
Interest and enthusiasm 
Eye contact (look at your audience)
Formal body language (no slouching or fidgeting)
Be prepared
Knowledge of content
Level 4:
Level 3 criteria is fulfilled
Clear understanding of topic
Memoization of content (infrequently glancing at notes)
Audience interest and attention
Audience participation