Here, you can see what homework we have today!
Tuesday June 22 (Faizaan)

Friday June 22 (Ryerson)
* Wear yellow and orange/or red  

Thursday June 21 (Zaynab)
Senior residence tomorrow! Bring some money if you want to go to Starbucks!
Math Lessons - make sure you're ready!
Bring school supplies for Mai projects
Tuesday June 19 (Faizaan)
Math Lessons tomorrow be ready
Persuasive Essay due Thursday June 21 put essay in folder or get an R (you can still work on it while it is in the folder)
Bring school supplies for Mai projects

Tuesday June 13
Essay due next Thursday - put in the student folder!
Math Lessons - check the list (Rasviga tomorrow and three students Thursday)
Bring school supplies for Mai projects

Friday June 8 (Ryerson)
Geo-Graphic Organizer due Wednesday
Math Lessons Check The List!

Thursday June 7 (Zaynab)
IT last week for remarking
Finish science notebook checks
Finish your math lessons!!!
Return all library books by Friday! FOR FREEZIES!!!
Essay graphic organizer due Wednesday

Wednesday June 6 (Ms. Blain)
IT last week for marking
Finish science checks
3 MATH lessons tomorrow: check the list!
Return all library books by Friday! FOR FREEZIES!!!

Tuesday June 5 (Faizaan)
IT Last week for remarking
Finish Science Notebook check 
LASS go report overdue!
Math lesson due tomorrow
ATC due as well

Thursday May 24
Math Test tomorrow!
Finish Science - Truss for Mr Tokue!
Work on novel study assignments - you should be done reading soon!

Friday May 18th
No School Monday (yay)
Hand in your storypheres if you haven't and if you plagiarized you gotta do it again!
Science notebook check in a week

Wednesday May 16th
Bring shampoo
Read your book
Debates friday
Junior edgeucation tomorrow (all day)  
Tuesday May 15th
Debates Tomorrow 
French presentations if you didn't finish
Bring shampoo
Read your book 
Have a good day (:

Monday May 14
Debates on Wednesday 
Bring headphones for french on Monday’s 
Bring shampoo 

Friday May 11
Bring food for potluck (or else you won't participate)
Bring money for Fort York, Due date is Monday 14th.
Bring shampoo.
Complete Math worksheet, mini quiz on Monday 14th.
Storyspheres should be linked by now, if not make sure you link it.
Make sure you fill out the self reflection google form.

Thursday May 10
Google Forms - Self-reflection for Ms. Blain (in your email)
Geo- Storysphere 
Math- Practice your tree diagrams 
Field Trip form due tomorrow
LA-Read book
Potluck Monday!!!

 Wednesday May 9
-Fieldtrip form due tomorrow
-Read book

Tuesday May 8 Wednesday May 9

-Storysphere is due Wednesday - you need to record your audio!!!
-Read your book. 
-Debates will take place May 16th. Work on arguments.
French- Practice gestures for une jour bizarre  

Monday May 7
-Storysphere is due Wednesday - you need to record your audio!!!
-Read your book. 
-Debates will take place May 16th. Work on arguments.
-Print your script for french 

Sign the Fort York trip form and bring $12

Friday May 4
-Read your book. First quarter should be done by Monday.
-Storysphere is due Wednesday - you need to record your audio!!!
-Debate Brainstorm due Monday. Debates will take place May 16th.
-Print your script for french 
-Sign the Fort York trip form and bring $12

Thursday May 3
Language - Read your book
Science- Finish your drawing  

Wednesday May 2
Science- Blueprint for homework
Debate partner
Book bring your book tommorw
Print your french page for tomorrow 

Tuesday May 1 
Math- Test Tomorrow! Study!!!
French- Have a perfect copy of Un Jour Bizarre for your cahier! 
Art- Have your proposal for your creative project for next art class.

Monday April 30
L.A. - Bring a book in tomorrow to start novel study - add title and author to this list for Ms. Blain's approval! 
Math Test on Wednesday~!
Finish Math review (stay in for help at lunch)
Choose a book by tomorrow or I’ll do it for you ;)
Bring headphones 🎧 on Monday’s for French 

Friday April 27 
French- Practice gestures
Math- Math work sheet part 1
Geo- Research due Monday
Thursday April 26
Geo- research due Monday 
Math- #1-9, 10, 12, 13 front and back on the sheet
French- Practice gestures  

Wednesday April 25
Math Algebra examples
Science page 
Boys health due today

Tuesday April 24
I.T. / Geography - Choose National Park
French - Headphones for April 30
Math - Friday's from textbook and worksheet from Monday - will be checked tomorrow.

Monday April 23
I.T. - Choose National Park
French- practice actions
French- Headphones for April, 30  

 Friday April 20
Health Assignment due wednesday (for boys)
French Practice actions 
Headphones for Monday
Math textbook - page 393-394 (#1-7, 9, 10, 11ab)

Thursday April 19
Brainstorm books for MAY 1st!
Final geography presentations tomorrow - 2 groups need to create a handout!

Wednesday April 18
Brainstorm books for MAY 1st!
Health boys due wednesday
Math homework tomorrow
Geography due tommorow 
Friday April 13
Geo project due Wednesday
Check Gmail for French
Health Assignment due next Friday (send to Ms.Angus)

Thursday April 12 
Wear your jerseys tomorrow!

Math quiz tomorrow:
- repeating/core patterns
- table of values
- creating an algebraic expression
- graphing algebraic expressions

Wednesday,April 11
Wear pink tomorrow or red
Math homework algebraic equation page
 Monday, April 9
Week of Pink! Wear pink!
Math: finish questions 1-8  p.371,372
LA/SS: Brainstorm why your group deserves the prize

Friday, April 6
Geography Test Monday! Study!

Thursday April 5
Science Reflection
Geography Skit

Wednesday April 4  
Geography - landforms worksheet. Pages emailed to you!
French presentation

Bring a reusable water bottle!
Tuesday April 3  
Front side of climate sheet. Pages Emailed to you! 

Wednesday Mar 28
Great Gulp tomorrow bring your reusable water bottles!!
WEAR PURPLE tomorrow to raise awareness for epilepsy.

Tuesday Mar 27
LA: *Students who have still not submitted a video rant:
Ryerson (sent wrong video)
Mohid (video not sent yet)
Tamarah (only 37 seconds-not full version)

Science: Complete storyboard, script, and lab report if it is unfinished.
TT: Complete gender stereotypes reflection!

Monday Mar 26
L.A. - Rant due today! If not handed in at school, it's late. Get it in by 9:30pm (latest I will check).
    -Email or put it in the 72 Student folder on Google Drive
Science - ?
Roseneath Play tomorrow from 10-11! Hurray!

Friday Mar 23
Math - At Least five questions for the bedroom.
L.A. - Rant due Monday  

Wednesday Mar 21

Tuesday Mar 20
L.A. - Finish writing and timing rant. KNOW your time!
Science - due Friday.

Monday Mar 19
Math - Worksheet - #1-10 on both sides
Rant - Write your rant for tomorrow - TIME IT!

Thurs Mar 8
Wear black tomorrow for TWIN TWIN!
Bring a fun snack for period 5 :)

Wednesday Mar 7

Math - Test tomorrow!
-improper and mixed fractions - converting between
-word problems
-equivalent fractions
-simplifying fractions

Tuesday Mar 6
Language/Geo - Landforms Slides 
Math - FULL package from Monday (two pages front and back)

Mon Mar 5
Language - Cape Town Article
Math - ADDING FRACTIONS worksheets and first two question on the last page
$2.00 for Dodgeball and Sick Kids!

Tuesday Feb 27
Language - Magazine article due Friday
Math - finish equivalent fractions and percent to fraction worksheet
Science - notebook check on Friday
French - finish chart - faire, etre, aller, avoir

Monday Feb 26
Language - Magazine article due FRIDAY
Math - colour in your fraction strips so you can use them this unit
Question 1-4 on worksheet

Dodgeball - $2.00 by Mar 8!

Tuesday Feb 21
Myths- practice reading your myth!

Monday, February 20
-myths - we will read some tomorrow!
-finish math lessons!
-quiz for some students
-finish conclusions/hypothesis

Friday, February 16
72 Class picture on Tuesday!
-EDITED myth
-math lesson ready to present!
-french quiz mardi


Tuesday February 13
- Finish creative writing (superpower, benefits of internet, 5 senses)
-Comic was due today! Hand in ASAP.

-Quiz TOMORROW (Wednesday): adding and subtracting integers
Try this question: 

  1. On Friday, Raiyan got his weekly allowance of $10. By Sunday, he’d spent all of his allowance and he also owed his BFF Talha $3. How much had he spent overall? Create an integer subtraction equation.  (   ) – (  ) = ??

Monday February 12
Report Card: Sign and reflect on your report card! Make a goal for Term 2.
-Comic was due today! Hand in ASAP.
-Math quiz Wednesday - adding and subtracting integers
-8.2 textbook (p226 #1-6)

Thursday February 8
Report Card: Sign and reflect on your report card! Make a goal for Term 2.
-Comic due on Monday Feb 12
-Practice subtracting integers using counters :)
-return cootie catcher
-practice verbs (aller, avoir, etre, faire)
 -dictee #4 corrections
-cahier in french bin
-regarde grand papier

Tuesday February 6
-Complete creative Writing Day 5 for Thursday.
-Comic due on Monday Feb 12
-Budgeting Activity and integer story!
-Math quiz on Thursday
-Cootie Catcher for Wednesday

Monday Feb 5 
Math: Budgeting Activity and integer story for homework!
Tessellations overdue! Talha

Language (was due today!): 
2. Comic due on Monday Feb 12

Friday Feb 2
Math: Tessellations overdue! Talha, Rohan
Language: Finish typing story and share with a classmate so they can look for:
  • title
  • typing errors
  • paragraphs
  • places where you could add detail about what you SEE, HEAR, FEEL

Thursday Feb 1st
Math: Tessellations overdue! Talha, Raiyan, Batin, Rohan, Adam! 
Language: Final story (4 by end of week) you'll have ten minutes tomorrow to work, 10 to edit. So you should have at least half a page.

Wednesday Jan 31st
Math: Tessellation due tomorrow!
Language: Story for homework. 10 minutes to edit tomorrow.
By Friday, you should have FOUR stories w/ editing.
Science: Questions 1-7 for Chapter 8.1 and definitions for bold words.

Monday January 29
Math: Tessellation due Thursday
Language: Story w/ editing done (ask a sibling or guardian if you didn't have a peer edit it in class)

Thursday January 25
History: Due tomorrow!
Math: Tessellation due next week
French: Sign paper in red duotang Tuesday January 23
Science: Science Quiz tomorrow/notebook check!

Wednesday January 24
History: Find ALL pictures. Write at least 7 captions.
History Assignment due THURSDAY at the end of class.
Math: Mini quiz on transformations tomorrow! :p
French: Sign paper in red duotang Tuesday January 23

History: Find at least three pictures for the War of 1812 Assignment.
History Assignment due THURSDAY.
French: Sign paper in red duotang

Friday January 19
Math: rotations and dilatations

Thursday January 18
-Pajama Day tomorrow!
-Practise rotations worksheet (lesson tomorrow...but try it!)

Friday January 12
Math - Test on Monday!! Study your notes:
-lines of symmetry
-sorting polygons (convex, concave)
-types of triangles
-congruent shapes (SSS, SAS, ASA)
-drawing triangles 
L.A. - Answer questions on slide 13 in your L.A. notebook.

Thursday January 11
Math - Test on Monday 
French - Bring headphones for tomorrow
L.A. - Take a look at the questions on slide 13 because we'll be answering them tomorrow. I've shared the story with you so you can read it over if you need to. 

Wednesday January 10
History - 1 more class to edit this week. DUE FRIDAY!
- drawing triangles practice sheet
- Math test on Monday! Regular/irregular polygons, convex, concave, labelling triangles, congruent and similar shapes, drawing triangles
French - bring headphones (Friday) and sign your ROA

Other: Ski trip forms if you're going!

Monday January 8
History - editing this week. DUE FRIDAY!
Math - polygon worksheet
L.A. - figurative language short story
French - bring headphones (Friday) and sign your ROA

Thursday December 21
-No books tomorrow. Just your lunch.
-Student/Staff Volleyball game and fun activities in the afternoon!

Wednesday December 20
-Filming continues! Bring props!
-Remember! YOUR confessional is written by YOU so it is possible for you to film on your own if you have a camera.

72's Pajama Day tomorrow! 

Tuesday December 19
-Filming continues! Bring props!
-Remember! YOUR confessional is written by YOU so it is possible for you to film on your own if you have a camera.
MINI Math quiz on tomorrow! WE WILL REVIEW and practise for one full period before doing the quiz :) :) Complementary, supplementary angles and bisecting angles in 3 ways.
1. Watch this video on bisecting angleshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDXrY8E3bFs 

Monday December 18
Secret Santa!!!!! 
-Secret Santa is happening TOMORROW during Thompson Time!! Don't forget your gifts!! :) :)
-Filming continues! Bring props!
-Remember! YOUR confessional is written by YOU so it is possible for you to film on your own if you have a camera.
Math quiz on Wednesday! Complementary, supplementary angles and bisecting angles in 3 ways.

Friday December 15
-Filming continues on Monday - bring props and costumes.
-Film your confessional at home over the weekend and share with your group.
-Remember! YOUR confessional is written by YOU so it is possible for you to film on your own if you have a camera.
Secret Santa 
-Secret Santa is happening next week on Tuesday! Don't forget your gifts!! :) :)

Thursday December 14
** Hand in your Wonder work!!!! It was due Tuesday!! **
-Scripts and story board due tomorrow.
-We are starting to film tomorrow - bring your props and costumes!
Quiz tomorrow - surface area and volume (triangular and rectangular prisms)

Wednesday December 13
Don't forget our potluck tomorrow on Thursday Dec 14th!

Wednesday's Plan: Be helpful! Be welcoming! :)
Attendance: Zaynab (a.m.) and Rohan (p.m.)
72 Math - Volume of Triangular Prisms
You can do it, guys! Ask each other for help and show me what you know on Thursday!

Lesson: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1froMEyoGahuxn8VbCte12fwMzmZqbOAISBNckGWcaUk/edit?usp=sharing

Assignment: Click here for the Chocolate Assignment

72 LA/SS - Work on your history scripts

-start bringing in props for filming (we'll make a storyboard tomorrow)

Monday December 11
Run Sheep Run handout - due tomorrow (it's being marked!)

Friday December 8
Math: Volume of rectangular prisms
History: Start bringing your props for history
French: Printing!

POTLUCK! Click hereTell your parents and guardians about our potluck! Start thinking of ways to help! Potluck is Thursday December 14th :)

Secret Santa - Tuesday December 19th


Thursday December 7
Math Homework 
1. Surface Area of triangular prisms on slide 10 (also sent to your email)

POTLUCK! Click hereTell your parents and guardians about our potluck! Start thinking of ways to help! Potluck is Thursday December 14th :)

Secret Santa - Tuesday December 19th


Wednesday December 6
Math Homework 
1. Irregular Shapes - Complete slide 6 and 8 at home. Have your answers ready tomorrow! This is the file.
2. Surface Area - picture emailed to you!

POTLUCK! Tell your parents and guardians about our potluck! Start thinking of ways to help!


Monday December 4
Math Homework - Study your worksheets at home or at COY! We have a QUIZ TOMORROW ON TRAPEZOIDS.

POTLUCK! Tell your parents and guardians about our potluck! Start thinking of ways to help!

Friday December 1
Math Homework - Trapezoids: Make sure you can calculate area because Monday's lesson is about working backwards! Do this worksheet (try at least 3 - answers are below so you can check). 

History Presentations continue Monday afternoon (to give you time to practise at lunch)

Also - Secret Santa Sign-up - we are drawing names on Monday.

Thursday November 30
Math Homework - Trapezoids: Click here for the Worksheet

Math Video for area of a trapezoid: click here

History Presentations start tomorrow!!

TT: Compliment someone today :)


Wednesday November 29
Math quiz tomorrow (marked by meeeeee!)
-area of rectangles, parallelograms and triangles

Bring earbuds tomorrow for French :)

Tuesday November 28
Change of plans! Mini math quiz tomorrow :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) 

Monday November 27
Math Homework: See google slide sent to your email! Go to the end.
Mini math quiz tomorrow :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) 

IT: link survey graph on IT page

Friday November 24
Math: Pg 216: Question 1 (To review Area and Perimeter)
Page 219: Questions 1, 2, 4

Forms: Jungle Sport (starts Monday) and Wonder

Thursday November 23
Math: Get test signed!

Jungle Sport Forms are collected tomorrow
Wonder forms!

French - Bring ear phones tomorrow!

TT: Rant - what bugs you about cyberbullying?


Monday November 20
Math: Math test tomorrow :) Additional Practice below:
missing value: 
pg 19 from: 

-Jungle sport

Bring ear buds for 23-24
IT Survey due tomorrow

TT: Talk to your family about INTEGRITY! Ask if they have ever stood up for someone who needed it!

Thursday November 16
Math: Math test on Tuesday
Math: Review due Monday - 1,2,4,6 and worksheet on circle graphs
French: Sign the yellow paper for those who forget to
TT: Discuss reactive and proactive with your family 

-Jungle sport

Wednesday November 15
Math: Circle Graphs
Instructions: Circle Graph Instructions 
-choose health categories
-jungle sport

Tuesday Monday 14
-stem and leaf plot
-misleading graphs handout
-choose health categories
-jungle sport

Monday Nov 13
Phys Ed: Jungle Sport Rock Climbing
History: You owe me a blog/vlog!
-Batin, Mehak, Yi Jia, Ricky, Ryerson

Friday Nov 10
Math: Quiz Monday! See below for extra practice
**Bring your own calculator to school
Interviews: Sign up with your parents/guardians!
History: Put your blog/vlog in the student folder
Health: paragraph due Tuesday
French: test Monday

Thursday Nov 9
Progress report cards go home today!
Link to Parent-Teacher Interview Sign-up: Copy and paste the link to sign up for an interview time!

Math: Quiz on Monday (Bias, Mean, Median, Mode, Range, Primary & Secondary Data)
Extra Practice: Find the missing value - use this link:

History: Blog/Vlog due tomorrow (Friday) put in the 72 folder!
Phys Ed: Junglesport permission form & $20 AND CALORIE paragraph!

Wednesday Nov 8
L.A. Paragraph due tomorrow :)
Math: Page 219
History: Blog/Vlog due Friday - put in 72 folder (no more class time!)
Phys Ed: Jungle Sport Permission form and $20 to participate

Tues Nov 7
Math: Page 216-218 (3 pages)
History: finish chart
Blog/Vlog: due Friday

Friday Nov 3
History: Finish all categories of the chart - you MAY use another website if you would like, but paste the link on the page so I can see where you got your information.
Blog and chart due TuesdayStart brainstorming for blog or vlog - you will work on this on Monday. Bring your device if you want to film.

IT: Finish art portfolio
French: Quiz next week :)

Thursday Nov 2:
Math: Finish graph step 2 and 3 (shared with you)
History: Finish jot notes on pg 8 & 9: historical inquiry process

Tuesday October 31: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
-Finish work if incomplete!

Monday October 30
- Halloween paragraph (now overdue!!)
- presentations tomorrow

French Quiz tomorrow

Halloween tomorrow - wear appropriate costumes! :)

Friday October 27
-Halloween paragraph
-METUBE presentations start Monday!
-Finish graph

Thursday, October 26
-one more class to work on Google Slides and paragraph
-put in student folder
-notebook checklist 
-Chapter 2 test on Monday
-quiz Monday or Tuesday
Exit slip signed

Wednesday October 25
L.A. You must get your paragraphs edited if you did not complete it in class today. Homework check tomorrow. Examples of the paragraphs have been emailed to you.
Math: Math worksheet - bias and sample questions
Science:notebook checklist and Chapter 2 test on Monday
French: practise for next week!

Discuss TT lesson with family - what halloween costumes can you wear?

Monday, October 23
L.A. All rough copies should be complete and ready for editing. Homework check tomorrow. Examples of the paragraphs have been emailed to you.

Math: math re-test tomorrow for students who are taking it. Study! Get your agendas signed - sometimes there are messages from me to your parents/guardians.

Friday, October 20th
L.A. ALL ROUGH COPIES (retell, relate, reflect paragraphs) are due on Monday. Remember, rough copies need to have meaningful ideas, but you don't need to edit spelling and grammar yet. We'll do that next week!

Just include:
-intro/conclusion sentences
-main ideas
-transition words/phrases
-ideas that are grouped together and flow well

Science: 2.2 worksheet 
French: practise!

Thursday October 19th
L.A. Retell paragraph for song of your choice completed (rough copy)
Here is the link to success criteria: 

Wednesday, October 18th

L.A. Pick a song
Science: pg. 47 questions 1, 4, 7, 8
French: Show your french dance to parents/guardians!! HEHE!

Tuesday October 17th
Math: Finish Math Review!! You can find it here:
  • Study for Math Test this Thursday.
  • Math review tomorrow (Wednesday) at lunch. 

Monday, October 16 
-Picture Day Tomorrow!
-Any immunization forms to bring in?
Math: Math Test on Thursday!! Extra help available at lunch on Wednesday :) Complete 4.8 and 4.9!

Thursday, Oct 5
PD tomorrow! Don't come to school!
Math: Finish 4.8 Dividing Decimals and 4.9 Order of Operations
Need help?
Dividing Decimals (by decimals) Video:  
Dividing Decimals (by Whole #s)https://www.khanacademy.org/math/cc-sixth-grade-math/cc-6th-arithmetic-operations/cc-6th-dividing-decimals/v/dividing-a-decimal-by-a-whole-number

For Next week (Oct 10-13)
For information about the trip next week, go to grade7trip.rtms.ca
For information about school next week, see below.

Important information for next week (Oct 10-13):
Students staying back from Pioneer Camp will be going to 2 different classrooms for the week:

To 76 (Mrs. Barrington)

To 77 (Mrs. Hutchinson)

Oct 3
Math: Disney Budget Assignment

Open House tomorrow (6-7:30)
Book fair tomorrow!

Oct 2
Math: Disney Budget Assignment
Finlayson Trip Tomorrow!
-Wear LAYERS (we will be outside)
-Bring a lunch (nothing to buy there)

September 27
Math: Work on exponents worksheet (check shared folder)
Forms: Any final forms - immunization, Finlayson, Pioneer Camp
Music: Practice!
IT: Bring earphones!

$2 $2 $2 TOONIE FOR TERRY! $2 $2 $2

September 25
Math: Finish GCF worksheet
Get test signed!!!!!
Language: Retell Paragraph
Forms: Pioneer Trip Form, Immunization Form


September 22

-Finlayson Oct 3 field trip
-immunization form due October 11
-Pioneer Camp Field Trip Form
Math: Multiples Word Problems 
- Test Signed

September 21

-Finlayson Oct 3 field trip

-immunization form due October 11

September 20
Thompson Time: DUE FRIDAY!!
-immunization form
-Oct 3 field trip

September 19
Math: Complete homework questions on factors and divisibility (google slides in your email!) https://docs.google.com/a/rtms.ca/presentation/d/15dKICISLDIoUQb-v0Bi-h027SXJlYXkz4GFVxLm65B0/edit?usp=sharing  
Thompson Time:
-immunization form
-Oct 3 field trip
Riptide TV candidates! Have something prepared for tomorrow!

September 18
Math: Complete homework questions on factors and divisibility (google slides in your email!)
Thompson Time:
-immunization form
-Oct 3 field trip

September 15
-Do you remember? (both sides)
-Arrays worksheet (all pages!)
Thompson Time:
-Graffiti letters

September 14
Math: Finish "Do You Remember?"
LA: I Am Poem due on Friday the 15th (tomorrow!)
Other: OSOR forms MUST BE returned tomorrow! ***

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