!Homework! 72


Here, you can see what homework we have today!
REMINDERS FOR COY STUDENTS ONLY: COY Students Have Classes Every Tuesdays and Thursday 2:30 - 4:00 p.m. 
Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018
-MeTube reflect paragraph
-History soliloquy 
-Math Hooray assignment
-Report Card signature 

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018
Lang: Rough copy of reflect paragraph due Friday, and the good copy due Monday, but try to get it in earlier!
Reminders: The Finlayson trip is on Monday!

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018
Sci: Test on chapter 1 tomorrow
Fr: Pratique Les Gestes et un jour bizarre
Math: Questions on the slideshow

Monday, November 5th, 2018
Math:Find the percentage of the tax for the receipts emailed to you.
French:Check your email! The homework has been sent to you.
Lang:If you haven't sent your relate paragraph to Ms.Cole, it is OVERDUE!
Reminders:Photo forms are due tomorrow (or online orders)!

Friday, November 2nd, 2018

Math: Complete your homework about dividing and multiplying decimals.
Language: Do your Me Tube relate good copy and send it to Ms. Cole.
Reminder: Finlayson forms!!!!

Wednesday, October 31st, 2018
Lang:The relate paragraph rough copy is due Friday, good copy emailed to Ms.Cole by Monday(try to do it earlier).
Math:Email your song lyrics to Ms.Hutchinson, and do the reflection about group mates.
Sci:Finish your definitions.
Reminders: Always change for phys-ed and the Finlayson trip is on November 12th!

Tuesday, October 30th,2018
Science: You have to be prepared for notebook check for tomorrow
Math: Complete your coloring sheet
Language: Do your relate paragraphs
French: Presentations are being presented tomorrow
Reminder: Finlayson trip money

Monday,October 29th,2018
Science: Study for the science quiz, the content is emailed to you,the notebook check is on Wednesday!
Language: Finish the topic sentence of your relate paragraph.
Reminders: Make sure to hand in the Finlayson Form!

Thursday, October 25, 2018
-MATH lyrics for math song due tomorrow 
-Math Multiple Choice Quiz tomorrow (LCM, GCF, Exponents)
-LA-retell due tomorrow
-SCI notebook check and webquest 
-Field Trip $$$ and Form

Wednesday, October 24th 2018
Science- Finish your Web quest for Monday and study for the quiz on Tuesday!
Math- Work on your math songs
and get your tests signed for tomorrow.
Lang- Finish your retell paragraph, tomorrow we're peer editing.
Reminder- Bring in your trip forms, get your agenda signed, and change for phys-ed. 

Monday October 22nd 2018
Art- Silhouettes are now OVERDUE!
Lang- If you haven't printed your lyrics for your song paragraphs print it by TOMORROW
French- You should already have a habit of the homework for "Pratique les gestes" and if you didn't print "Un Jour Bizarre", please do it
Check your email!
Music- Practice your instruments at home!
Math - Watch the video below!

Pratique les gestes. If you didn't print "Un Jour Bizarre" please print it by MONDAY.
_ TT:
Think of Bud projects
October 22
-watch the following videos  to prepare for tomorrow's class
Cube roots
Bring gym clothes
Make sure your Wanted posters are in and think of a song if you want

Choose a song and print out the lyrics

Same Love – Macklemore

Renegade – X Ambassadors

Formation - Beyonce

Roar - Katy Perry

Stand Up For Something - Common

Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson

Fight Song - Rachel Platten

Imagine - John Lennon  

Born This Way - Lady Gaga

Make sure your video work sheet is complete
and lab report
 Get your agenda signed!!!
- Art project is due tomorrow

Wednesday,October 17th 2018
-Make sure your lab report is done
Language Arts:
-Think about a meaningful song
-Finish the four questions assigned
-Bring your gym clothes on days we have phys-ed!

Tuesday, October 16th 2018
- Do your conclusions and results from the science experiment, It's due TOMORROW.
- Do pages 42-43 on the TEXTBOOK NOT THE PDF.
- Print the copy "Un Jour Bizarre" by Friday.
- Always bring your gym clothes unless it's health.
- Do your student and teacher thanks and suggestions by next IT class.
-Remember to fill out the form about the lockers.

Monday,October 15 2018
-Finish journal entry
-Bring your six word memoir in tomorrow
-Finish example lab report and graph
-Bring word art!
-Bring money for the book fair if you're interested! 
-Open house is on Wednesday the 17th from 6:30-8:30pm

Wednesday Oct. 3, 2018
-math quiz on multiples and factors, prime and composite numbers
-Orange shirt 

ues. Oct. 2, 2018
-Math-practice div. rules, finish homework from textbook page 16-17 if not done!
-History paragraphs
-LA 6 word memoir 
-Science wordle 

Monday Oct 1 2018
-Math: finish finding the factors of the numbers on the 2nd last slide factors and multiples
and the textbook questions 3&4 on page 16-17 (shared in your drive so check email)
    - Bring three (3) sentences about out class using         either positive or negative words
    - Finish list of adjectives about visual shown in             class (mountain picture)
    - Bring in a picture that evokes a strong emotional         response

Thursday Sept 27 2018

- Terry Fox run TOMORROW! Bring riptide or gym clothes and pack a few snacks and your water-bottle and dress for the Weather 
- Brain storm for Wordle
- Jot note sheet for 3 events
- Fill out job forms

Wednesday Sept 26th 2018
-DO FACTOR TREE #'S 16, 44, 28, 144
- Toonies for Terry!
-Finish timeline slide. 
-Think about job roles you would want to sign up for.

Monday Sept 24, 2018

- History: Personal Timeline Brainstorm Chart.
    - 15 events
    - Political (5), Social/Cultural (5),       Technological (5)
    - Remember to span a significant time        span
 Remember to bring Riptide clothes and toonies for Terry Fox run on Friday!
-Bring OSR Forms
-PD Day Tuesday
- Science Experiment is begin Wednesday BRING your things!
French- Practique les gestes!
Art- Work on silloutte, but don't FINISH it!

Friday Sept 21 2018

- Remember to bring Riptide clothes and toonies for Terry Fox run on Friday!
-Bring OSR Forms
-PD Day Tuesday
- Practice day for Science Experiment is Monday. BRING your things!
French- Practique les gestes!
Art- Work on silloutte, but don't FINISH it!