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   Hi I'am going to talk about the German car company called BMW.BMW has done a great successes and there all over Germany,England and some in Canada.Their rival is a another German manufacturer .BMW has made electric cars like theirs a sports car version in electric called the i8 and theres a smart car version the i3.They have something called a M formala and if there's a BMW car ,that has a M on the back of the BMW so that means that there's a button for sporty and normal.BMW has turned sedans which are 4 door cars in to sport mode so you can race and normal drive.Theres some other car company that has 4 door cars in sport mode like Maserati,Mercedes,Porsche,Aston Martin and tons of more.Theres is the new BMW M5 which has a lot power almost close to a Ferrari.I hope you liked my blog and BMW.