Whomping Willow

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The whomping willow appears in books 2 and 3 the most. In book 2, Harry and Ron have to fly to school in a magic car because the platform closed before they could get on the train. They accidentally landed on the willow. The tree started beating them up and the car. It almost got to them. Luckily, they escaped from the tree. The tree is alive. It is very dangerous to go by it because the branches swing and try to hurt/kill people. In the third book the stump of the whomping willow is the entrance to the shrieking shack which is where Sirius Black is. They have to go through it but the tree is very dangerous so they have to get around it first. The tree attacks the kids and hurts them a little bit. The manage to make it through but it was very hard and they got a wounded from the tree. The tree is very dangerous so watch out if you  ever go to Hogwarts and see the whomping willow.