Huge and Ugly

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  There was a troll in the first movie. How did it get inside Hogwarts? Professor Quirrell wanted to get the Philosopher's stone for Voldemort so he sent it inside. Then, while everyone was in panic, he could sneak and try to get the stone. The troll was very big and was headed towards the girls bathroom. Hermione was in the girls bathroom! So, Harry and Ron had to go over to the girls bathroom and go in it to fight the troll. The troll carries around a huge club which he swings to try and kill Hermione. It hits to sink and water sprays from it. Harry grabs onto the trolls club and lands on the trolls head. The troll tries to shake Harry off but it doesn't work. Harry sticks his wand in the trolls nose. The troll grabs Harry and swings his club at him. Ron uses the spell that makes objects fly so that the troll could not hurt Harry and whacked the troll with his own club. If you want to see the scene for yourself click here.