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 Dobby is a house elf. He is the Malfoys' house elf. A house elf is pretty much a slave in the wizard world. They clean up after you, tidy your house and all that sort of stuff. So, the owners do not treat him well. They aren't the prettiest either. Dobby makes his first appearance in the second book at the Dursleys house. He tries to convince Harry to not go to Hogwarts because strange things will happen. To try to prevent Harry to go to school, Dobby takes all of Harry's mail so that Harry thinks his friends don't care about him. Dobby also shuts the gate to platform 9 3/4. They still go to Hogwarts though and there Dobby sets of a rogue bludger to chase Harry. He tries to convince that going to Hogwarts in not a smart thing to do. At the end of the movie/book Harry sets Dobby free by secretly putting a sock in a book and then handing it to Lucius Malfoy. Malfoy gave the book to Dobby and he got the sock and was set free. House elves become free if their master gives them an article of clothing (they usually just wear a pillowcase). Here is a picture of Dobby.