Strong and Joyful

posted Oct 10, 2013, 6:05 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 10, 2013, 6:40 PM by JolieT 72 ]

My name is Aleeza. Aleeza is a Hebrew and Arabic name. In Hebrew Aleeza means to be joyful; in Arabic it means to be strong. I think part of my name suits me because I do find myself as having a joyful personality. I find myself as a strong person but it’s not always about strength. Being strong can also mean to be tough at your worst moments. Everyone has bad things happen to them; it’s just their choice to choose how they live through them. So yes, I do find myself as strong when it comes to the worst parts of life. I believe everything happens for a reason, god makes everything happen so we can learn from them. Our names are a big part of our personality. I do think our names affect us and possible define us in some cases. Everyone has a unique name, from 7,184,000,000 (approximately) people in the world, and imagine how many names there are. Imagine how many different personalities there are, how many different faces there is. Our name is a big part of who we are and we should appreciate it and realize how meaning full it is.