My Visualization Of The PERFECT Thanksgiving Meal.

posted Oct 9, 2013, 6:10 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 2, 2013, 9:43 AM by JolieT 72 ]
    Thanksgiving is a very important holiday to me. It gives me a chance to acknowledge what the people around me have done for me all year round, and just in general. So to me, I am very excited, and want everything to be perfect. My mother is an outstanding cook, so we all enjoy it at my house! I picture, on the table, my mothers freshly cooked Turkey, with a side of roasted potatoes, buttered to perfection! Followed by some firm and grass green beans, (also buttered, but this time; sauteed in butter) a nice glass of water, and the entire family sitting at the table talking about our day, thanking one another, and just regular family table-talk. I visualize us all sitting in my parents bed after that filling meal, just relaxing, and thinking about how people have affected our lives over the past year, and me smiling. Why am I smiling you may be thinking? Because it makes me happy, what everyone has done for me. The kind people everywhere, have helped raise me higher, to what I am now, and I can only smile at that. What is your visualization for the ideal Thanksgiving meal? Comment a link to your blog post about this. Or, if you chose to do a different topic, tell me! I'd be glad to read your visions! Hope to see your comment!