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Known as " america's dog " the pit bull has been banned in many states and few countries such as great Britain and new Zealand. The pit bull is a cross between bulldogs and terriers to create a very powerful breed. Pit bulls have a bad reputation for being aggressive but they aren't born that way, they can be aggressive if you train them to be aggressive, if pit bulls have lots of socialization then they can become very sweet. The pit bull has a large, chiseled brick like head they have a strong frame with amazingly strong muscles, the one muscle that gets the bad press is its jaw muscle which is very big and allows the pit bull to have a very strong bite. Pit bulls need a little bit of space for exercise, are prone to diseases like hip dysplasia and they have a short glossy coat which makes grooming easy. If you wanna adopt a rescued pitbull they can still bounce back to being loving and affectionate. They're name comes from a history of a dog fighting in pits, the dogs are abused and young unneeded pit bulls are used as bait to get the fighting dog's " fighting spirit up ", they are bound up and are basically chew toys for the fighters and are the most damaged,