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Football, also known as American Football, dates back centuries.  It is believed that this game might have even originated as early as the 17th century.  The game is mostly played in the U.S, and it's similar to Rugby.  There are two teams in this sport.  The objective is to pass the ball to a player on your team and make sure that he/she makes it to the boundary of the other team's side.  That player must run all the way.  The player who passes him/her the ball is known as the Quarterback or QB.  Every time the player with the ball on your team gets tackled, or if the other team intercepts the ball and it drops on the ground, it's a down.  If your team doesn't make it to the other side before five downs, the second team gets the ball, and then they try to get the ball to your side.  if you make it to the other side, you get a touchdown.  Both Football and Soccer were being played in the U.S at the same time.  But Football became more popular, so they named it that.  Since they could name two sports Football, they called Soccer Association Football or Assoc.  Later on, Assoc. was changed to Soccer.