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04 Angad - Goal!!!

Hi everyone, as you probably know, my name is Angad.  Before I start typing about anything else, I would like to inform you about my title.  My title is, "Goal!!!"  This term is used when someone in a soccer match kicks the ball into the opponent team's net.  So, you might be thinking that from now on, I'm going to write only about soccer.  But that's not true!  From now onwards, all of my blogs will have something to do with sports.  Yeah!  The sports I will be talking about include: soccer, baseball, football, swimming, tennis, badminton, basketball, floor hockey, ice hockey, table tennis, cricket, and probably other sports that I can't think of right now.  I hope you will enjoy reading my blogs. 

Hi, I'm Angad and I would like to share some information about myself with you.

I am in grade 7 and I moved to Canada three years ago.  I am 12 years old and I love playing sports and going outdoors.  Though I play so many sports, my favourite two are Tennis and Soccer.  I also like others such as Baseball, Badminton, Swimming, Cricket, Basketball, Floor Hockey, etc.

My hobbies are playing outdoors, reading, and using all sorts of electronics.  For instance, video games and T.V. My favourite book is Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. 

I love traveling many different countries around the world.  So far I have visited or lived in India, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Canada, the U.S, Egypt, Lebanon, Nepal, England, Scotland, France, and more.

This summer, I mostly stayed at home and used many different electronics.  I also spent a lot of time with my family.  In the middle of this summer, my grandparents from Vancouver visited me and stayed until the first day of school.  Overall, I had a pretty good vacation.

Please visit the following links:

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief:

Welcome to Rio - Again

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If you've been reading my blogs, you would know that the Fifa World Cup is going to happen in Rio, Brazil (This has nothing to do with the movie).  But did you know that the next Summer Olympics in 2016 are also happening there?  The next Fifa World Cup which will be happening in 2018 will take place in Russia.  For the current World Cup, there are a lot of good teams.  But so far, I've also been surprised at how different things are compared to the last Fifa World Cup.  The champions from last time: (in 2010) Spain, lost their first match against Netherlands (the team they beat in the finals last time).  The score was a shocking 5-1!  They also lost their second match against Chile with a score of 2-0.  Since a team has to win at least two matches in the group stages, Spain will not advance further.  Ronaldo's team...

Track and Field Day

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Alright, so the RTMS Track and Field Day is coming up, and for the grade 7's, it's on Monday, June 23rd.  This doesn't really have to do a lot with the sports I usually talk about.  However, this blog does talk about famous events that are actually held in the real Olympics.  So let's begin. 

I have been waiting for the Track and Field Day almost since the beginning of the school year.  Last year, I qualified for the 100 metre sprint, 1200 metres, and the co-ed relay race.  I personally think that it was a pretty bad day, because our co-ed team came last in the relay race, I didn't win a medal for 100 metre sprint, and I came 6th in the 1200 metres.  This means that I won no medals at all. However, I believe that this year, things can be different.  From my last year's best Beep Test score (6.5), I've now gotten a score of 10.7.  Also my last year's best mile run time was 9:28, and now it's 6:45.  Though other people have also improved their speed an stamina from last year, I'v had a big leap, and this increases my chances of winning a medal (preferably gold).  The event I mostly want to win in is the 1200 metres, which requires a lot of speed, stamina, and strategy.  There are also faster people than me, and so I'm unsure if I will be able to win a medal.  But I hope that I do well in at least something, and that I reach one of the goals I has set for this school year.  

Here's an awesome link:

That's my blog for this week.  See you next time!  

Who Will Win?

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Hi there... so... as you could see from my previous blog, the teams for this year's world cup are quite different than the last one. (4 years ago in 2010.  I was such a little boy back in the old days.) What I mean is, there are teams like Belgium, Russia, and even Iran.  Since the teams are different, that means we are now going to see players who weren't playing in the world cup.  This also means that we are unaware of their moves, skills, their coach, and the way these teams play.  This brings a lot of unpredictability into the event, causing more suspense, causing more intensity, causing more people to watch the world cup.  As most of you probably know, soccer is the most popular sports in the world, and when the Fifa World Cup is being held in Brazil, (Brazil is the all-time best team and it has the biggest stadium in the world) things are going to get very exciting.  

     Visit  I'll see you next week!

By the way, this picture has been taken from a video game.


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Hey soccer fans, I bet you're out there...stop hiding me from me 'cause I can see you!  If there any other people who love other sports, too bad because I'm going to be talking about THE FIFA WORLD CUP!   

199 countries try out for the FIFA World Cup, with their best players trying to make their country proud.  But only the best 32 countries qualify for it. 

The 32 countries now take part in the event, including the one country that's automatically selected as it's hosting it.  The 32 countries are divided into 8 groups of 4 countries.  Every country plays three matches, each match against a different opponent in their group.  More wins will gain the teams more points.  After each team in the group has played three matches, the bottom two teams (16 in total) will be eliminated.  The top two teams of each group (16 in total) will make the round of 16.  The round of 16 is sudden death.  A team plays another team, and there are 8 matches like this.  The 8 teams that lose are eliminated.  The World Cup now continues to the Quarter Finals.  Once again, one team plays another team, but there are 4 of these matches since only 8 teams are left.  The 4 teams that lose are also eliminated.  Now, only 4 teams are remaining, and after each team plays a match and 2 teams lose, they are sent back home.  Finally, the event the whole world is waiting for; the most anticipated match of the event; THE FINALS.  For the team that loses this match, it's a shattering defeat for them as they were so close yet so far.  As for the victors, they have probably awaited for that moment for their whole lives.  These players and their coach will make their country proud by crowning it as the world champion.  

After this, the next World Cup will take place in 2018.

                                   Visit and enjoy.  I'll see you next week!


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I'm sure you know what this sport is... and if you don't, here's a brief summary: there are two teams with five players each.  The players can dribble the ball by bouncing it, pass it to their teammates (chest pass or bounce pass), or try to throw it into the net.  You can either take the shot by standing, jumping and shooting, or if you're tall enough, dunking it.  You cannot run with the ball without dribbling it.  If shot taken outside the three point line gives you three points, and any other shots give you two points.  That's all for now.  


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I bet you know what swimming is, and I don't really need to explain it.  Basically, all you need to do is move in the water.  There are different strokes in swimming.  For instance: front stroke, back stroke, breast stroke, butterfly, frog, etc.  There are also other things you can do in the water, and if you have ever learnt to swim in the community center, you would know that these things include: diving, somersaults, racing, treading water, playing games, taking the lifeguard course, etc.  This event is quite fascinating, because humans were made to live on land, and just like inventing planes, swimming has allowed to go in a different element (water).  As this sport has quite a long history, many people have been excellent at it.  However, the current best is an American man whose name you might be acquainted with: Michael Phelps. 

To see Michael Phelps's incredible 12 000 calorie diet, visit this link:


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Football, also known as American Football, dates back centuries.  It is believed that this game might have even originated as early as the 17th century.  The game is mostly played in the U.S, and it's similar to Rugby.  There are two teams in this sport.  The objective is to pass the ball to a player on your team and make sure that he/she makes it to the boundary of the other team's side.  That player must run all the way.  The player who passes him/her the ball is known as the Quarterback or QB.  Every time the player with the ball on your team gets tackled, or if the other team intercepts the ball and it drops on the ground, it's a down.  If your team doesn't make it to the other side before five downs, the second team gets the ball, and then they try to get the ball to your side.  if you make it to the other side, you get a touchdown.  Both Football and Soccer were being played in the U.S at the same time.  But Football became more popular, so they named it that.  Since they could name two sports Football, they called Soccer Association Football or Assoc.  Later on, Assoc. was changed to Soccer.

Table Tennis

posted Apr 13, 2014, 9:25 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 13, 2014, 9:26 AM by JolieT 72 ]

Table Tennis is another great sport, and if don't think that it's popular, it's in the Olympics!  This sport is really similar to Lawn Tennis, the sport I just talked about previously.  The main difference is that you play it on a table, so it's actually just a small scale version of real tennis.  In this game, you still have stuff like forehand and backhand.  However, it mostly involves the movement, precision, and reflexes of the hand rather than running and hitting the ball.  But just because of that, this game isn't inferior to Lawn Tennis in any way.  In fact, many people argue that it's harder since the table is smaller, the ball is hit a lot in a really short period of time, and you have to return the hit faster.  Also, usually in Table Tennis the person who gets 11 or 21 points first wins the match.  So since the points are a lot, the matches can get really intense.  In my next blog, you will get to see some of the greatest Table Tennis players ever.

World of Tennis

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As I previously talked about Tennis before, I will go into deeper information about it in this blog.  Each match in Tennis starts with a serve.  The serve is when you hit the ball diagonally onto the opponent's side.  Your opponent must try to return the ball onto your side, and you try to return it again.  This process (a rally), goes on and on until someone gets a point.  If you get the first point, you would have 15.  If you get another point, you would have 30.  After another point, your score would be 40.  Finally, if you get one more point, you win the match.   When you play Tennis, every time you win a match, you get a point.  The player who gets six points first wins a set, and the player who wins 2 sets first is the winner.  If both the players have a score of 40, it's a deuce/ draw.  To win that point, you would have to get to get two more points (advantage and win) in a row.  Tennis can also be played as doubles, and in this case it's a match of 2 on 2.  

Same Love

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The lyrics of the song, Same Love, are quite moving and true, because all the time, someone is calling someone else, "gay" or "faggot" even if the other person is none of those.  What the person discriminating probably doesn't realize is that he/she isn't just making fun of one person, but all the gay people in the whole world.  If someone is gay, we are insulting them because of their difference.  But how is difference a bad thing?  We should welcome that difference, and nurture it, rather than discriminate.  Discriminating gay people is just like racism or sexism.  I also think this song is saying that everyone should be treated equally and everyone deserves a chance, despite any of their differences.  Without treating everyone equally, we aren't free people.

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