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03 Brianna - Starbucks Mania ~Dl

Introducing Starbucks Mania! Staring your host Brianna.

  Hello I am Brianna of class 72 and for the rest of the year I will be telling you guys some Starbucks secret recipes and doing some reviews on the new foods and beverages.

Hi my name is Brianna (you already know that) and I am going to tell you guys somethings about me! So my favourite sport is soccer. My favourite colours are light pink, lavender and pale blue. My favourite food is pizza. I hate pop, soda and other fizzy/carbonated drinks. My favourite animals are a pig, a hippo and rats. My favourite places to eat/drink are Starbucks,and The Olive Garden. My favourite foods/ drinks are the Caramel Frapp, and that Tortellini. I have 2 pets a Betta Fish named Ronald and a Rabbit named Chummy. That is a bit about me!

What am I scared of?

posted Jan 23, 2014, 5:34 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 23, 2014, 5:34 AM by JolieT 72 ]

I am most scared of snakes. Even the word makes me cringe. I am scared of the cartoon ones, the stuffed animals ones, the fake wooden ones, the fake rubber ones and especially the real ones.  I have seen them at my grandmothers house when I go there in the summer. And that is why I don't go there anymore. I would just stay in the house until we leave to go back home. But they live in British Colombia so we would stay there for a month. I would never go into the reptile part of the pet stores or the zoo. Because even if they said that they didn't have snakes I would be afraid of the other reptiles.

To make me touch a snake someone would have to give me..................


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I think that the saying YOLO is good and bad in some ways. Sometimes they use YOLO sometimes for mild situations. Here is an example.
'I really have to study for my test but I also want to go out with my friends.... you know what YOLO. I am going out with my friends.' That is a mild situation it isn't that bad but it also isn't really all that good...... TO BE CONTINUED.....

Winter Break

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So first off for my winter break I am going to tell you guys what I got for Christmas.

  1. iPad mini
  2. Bunny
  3. Money
  4. iTunes gift card
So those are some of my main gifts that I got. I also had some relatives come over to my house, like my cousins and grandparents. I went shopping with all of them. Then they had to go back to their houses because school was in a week and they needed to get ready to. So they all left and we all just spent the rest of the week getting ready for school and using our presents.

What I am looking forward to...

posted Oct 3, 2013, 5:28 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 3, 2013, 5:28 AM by JolieT 72 ]

I am looking forward to meeting new people and getting to know my classmates. I would like to see all of my teachers and see how they teach students. I am also looking forward to all of the sports teams at this school and seeing them bringing back the Gold. I think that I am most looking forward to seeing all of my friends in grade six and helping them find their way around the school. I am also looking forward to all of the special food days at this school. I love how they changed their pizza to Panago. I really want to go to all of the grade 7 trips including the band trips. So those are some things that I am looking forward to this year.

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