Dear Students and Families of Class 72,

Welcome to our class website.  We are off to a great start this year. Together, we can all help and encourage each other to have fun, challenge ourselves and learn so much! There is so much to learn this year in Grade 7.

Thank you for checking out our class website.  You can come here every day to look up our homework or post assignments.  Please check our site every day to make sure you have all of the correct homework written down.

Our website will be updated on a daily basis. When we don't have time to write on our agenda during the day, it is your responsibility to check the homework page to make sure you're caught up!

Parents, if you have any questions or concerns please write a note in your student's agenda. We check them every day, and I can contact you at a time that works for us both.  You can call me at extension 213.

I look forward to the year!

All the best,

Ms. Cole


This Year's School Theme is:
We Stand...
Try the SALLY UP Burpee Challenge
Leave a comment after your class completes the challenge.

Sally Up Burpee Challenge


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